Product Care


  • All of our doors and joinery items are manufactured to the highest standards, as timber is a natural product there will be a variance in colour and grain depending on the species.


  • Basecoat and priming does not seal doors and joinery against moisture penetration on site. All decorations must be carried out, without delay once the products have been installed.
  • Do not install doors or joinery products in areas of extreme temperature.
  • No Frames or Joinery items should be stored on the floor. They should be lifted from the floor and placed on load bearers.
  • Doors should be laid flat and kept inside the protective packaging (if supplied) until they are ready to be used.
  • When stacking doors, a minimum of three load bearers must be used and located along the length of the door.
  • No timber should be exposed to strong light, daylight or uneven light during storage as this can cause differential fading.
  • Fire and Smoke seals can be damaged easily, they should be kept wrapped in a dry ventilated area and be clearly identified.

Door Frames and Joinery

  • All frames and joinery items are manufactured within controlled moisture content. If extra moisture is picked up during storage or fitting the timber may swell or distort, possibly causing lasting damage to the products appearance and function.
  • Inspect Frames and Joinery items regularly whilst being stored to maintain correct storage conditions.


We advise that a Manual Handling Assessment should be carried out before handling any door or joinery. We would also advise that gloves should be worn.


The appropriate ironmongery must be fitted in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

All doors and joinery items are delivered with a document to advise on storage and installation. Should you require any further technical information please contact us on 01795 830400 or