Timber Purchasing Policy

JP Stone Ltd recognises its responsibilities to source all timber from legal sources and well managed forests. We seek evidence of compliance from all our suppliers. We will not source any timber species prohibited under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITIES).

We will continue to make sure our suppliers provide evidence of their commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance, and evidence of good forest management practice at the origin of wood products.

In respect of FSC® & PEFC™ timbers we require the suppliers to provide the correct documentation and FSC or PEFC claim and also supporting certification evidence. We verify all our FSC suppliers through the FSC chain of custody verification system, PEFC suppliers are verified through the PEFC verification system.

All our staff are fully trained in FSC and PEFC Standard 4.0 procedures and general timber purchasing.

We are always looking to continually improve our purchasing of timber policy and encouraging our customers to specify certified timber where practicable.